Instagram Post - $750 | Partnering with walk in love. on Instagram is an easy way to reach our largest social media following.  With over 81,000 Followers, a partnership on Instagram reaches a WIDE + Engaged audience.  A single post on Instagram will be original (or approved content) posted in our feed at an optimal time with a tag in the text and in the photo to highlight your brand and the message you wish to bring to the walk in love. community.

Instagram Story - $500 | An Instagram Story partnership enables us to highlight your brand or product with swipe up links, tags + more detail.  A partnership on our story will always look different but it comes with 3-5 stories, tagged usernames + a swipe up link to a destination of your choice.

Instagram Giveaway - $1000 | An Instagram giveaway through the walk in love. Instagram is an effective way to grow your following.  Our standard giveaway will prompt our followers to follow your account, tag three friends + like the post.  In the past we have seen accounts jump up a few thousand followers.



Blog Post (and Content) - $1500 | We create high quality content with an engaging blog post that allows you to both engage with the walk in love. community but also have content to use for as long as you need.  Our blog posts are 500-600 words written to create the maximum level of SEO value while being authentic and engaging.  Blog posts have lasting value because once they are up, they are up.  We receive tens of thousands visitors from search results every month and your blog post could be added to those results.  Blog posts come with content (for you to use), calls to action + links to your site.

See Examples here - https://walkinlove.com/blogs/walk-in-love 



Story-Telling Video - Starting at $2000 | Brooke and T.J. will tell a story about your space, venue, restaurant or product with an engaging video.  Sponsored videos can have logo roll in at the beginning and end as well as linked text in video description on Facebook, YouTube, blog post and wherever the video is posted.


WALK IN LOVE SHOW SPONSOR - $250 | Every week we release a new show + podcast where we interview Christian leaders from all over the world answering questions submitted by our community.  Episodes are posted on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes and Instagram with an average of 10,000 listens/views (and growing) between all platforms.  Episode sponsors are given credit at the beginning of the episode with a few sentence description, call to action + links in the video text description wherever posted.

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